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Map of Hail Storm in Central Texas on April, 15th, 2021

Choose a Qualified team of expert roofers to repair or replace your home’s roof. Hiring an inexperienced contractor is costly. The Austin Roof Specialists are hail damage repair experts who are well trained and qualified to repair or replace your home’s roof.

How do I know if I have hail damage?

The best way to know if your home’s roof has hail damage is to contact Austin Roof Specialists. If your home has experienced a significant weather event such as a hail storm, please, contact the Austin Roof Specialists to ensure that your roof is not damaged. An unnoticed leak is expensive. Leaks caused by severe weather events (and leaks in general) can cause decay, discoloration to your house’s exterior and interior, and potentially even a pest problem. Having a roof examination can prevent additional damage and save you lots of cash!

By giving thought and having your roof examined, you are preserving your home’s strength and durability. Please don’t wait until it’s too late! If you haven’t had your roof inspected since the last hail storm, you should contact the Austin Roof Specialists to perform a free roof inspection today!

Your Austin Roof Specialists will conduct a visual examination of your roof as well as fixtures, such as flashing, vents, chimneys, and pipes. Once our analysis is complete, we will give suggestions based on our observations and outline the best course of action to repair any hail damages to your roof. We will then provide an estimate to replace or repair blemishes to your roof.

Examples of Hail Damage caused by a recent Hail Storm in Central Texas:

How Do Roofing Insurance Claims Work?


STEP 1. 

The first step is to contact your insurance company and schedule a meeting with your insurance adjuster to evaluate your roof’s hail damage.


Once an adjuster has reached out to you, please contact Austin Roof Specialists when the appointment is approaching so that we can be near when your adjuster examines your home/business.


 If a significant storm has happened, many adjusters are flooded with calls, and they might feel hurried to get to the next home. Having a local Austin Roof Specialist near can ensure that no costs are dropped on your claim, saving you money and time.


Your insurance company will write you a check for the costs minus your deductible and recoverable depreciation. Once your roof is repaired, you will receive a final check referred to as recoverable depreciation.


 Your insurance company will give you a packet that includes their appraisal of your new roof. In most instances, it is unclear how compensation is meant to be used. Your local Austin Roof Specialist will help you translate the package, answer your questions, and explain each item.

Replacing Your Roof 

Once your insurance adjuster has completed the necessary paperwork, your local Austin Roof Specialist will present your colors and material choices. Once you’ve decided, we can schedule and replace your roof within the same week in most cases. Clearly, in the roofing trade, watching the weather conditions is essential, so we must always consider weather forecasting before scheduling your roof replacement. The removal and fitting process can usually take one day. However, in some cases, the roof replacement process might take a few days! The Austin Roof Specialists will present all the documentation and invoice to your insurance company to inform them that your roof has been replaced. At that point, they will assign a final check for your recoverable depreciation.

Filing a Insurance Claim

Your insurance company CANNOT penalize you for submitting a claim when a storm event, such as a Hail storm or Wind, damages your roof.

To submit a claim, you can contact your insurance company through a simple phone call. A representative of your insurance company will collect the necessary information about your tile roof damage. The representative will assign an insurance adjuster to visit your home/business to inspect your roof.

To assist you, You must contact us when the insurance adjuster calls to schedule an appointment- AUSTIN ROOF SPECIALISTS ACTS AS YOUR ADVOCATE, TO ENSURE THAT YOU RECEIVE THE PROPER COVERAGE. 

Frequently, We agree with the adjuster. However, in many cases, the Austin Roof Specialists’ presence has made the difference between getting a new roof or a partial repair.

By law, your insurance company must pay for the fair market value of skilled labor and materials.

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